Hydrographics other known as Water Transfer Printing is a process of applying decorative finishes to rigid and semi-rigid products including plastics, glass, metals, wood, etc without wrinkles, air bubbles, or blemishes. 

With over 300 patterns available, Hydrographics provides complete 360 degree coverage over corners, in crevasses, and intricate draft angles.  Extremely durable, Hydrographics has been used extensively in the Automotive, Aviation, and Marine sector since it meets specifications for hardness, UV resistance, salt spray corrosion resistance, and adhesion. 

If the goal is to create unique and visually appealing products through applied graphics, Hydrographics is the finish method of choice.

At Unique Hydro Graphics we have the capabilities to handle individual customers as well as manufacturing companies needs.  This truly is an amazing process.  Our process is tightly controlled and monitored, as Hydrographics has many variables, this enables us to be repeatable throughout the process.  We have a myriad of patterns available or you can customize your own pattern.


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